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Adoption can be one of the most fulfilling events in a person’s life. The most
common scenario in Arkansas is a step parent adoption, in which a step parent

wishes to adopt the child of his/her spouse. The adoption process can unite the
family unit, and make the child feel like she/he is truly a part of the family. I
know first hand the value that an adoption can have on a child’s life, as my step
father adopted me at a young age and I immediately went from being an only
child to having two siblings. The love and connection I felt towards my siblings
made for a wonderful childhood.

Adoption is possible for a biological parent wishing to terminate the other
parent’s rights! Single parent adoption in Arkansas: an unmarried parent may
legally adopt their own biological child, which effectively terminates the other
parent’s rights.

Contact an Arkansas adoption lawyer to learn more.


Guardianship Laws in Arkansas

A person may petition the court for a guardianship of the minor child, in order
to protect the child from harm, neglect, etc. The standard in a guardianship matter
is the best interests of the child, and the court will also consider the fitness of the

Guardianships may be sought on an uncontested basis, if both parents give their
consent. It may also be sought even if the parent(s) contest. A guardianship will
not terminate the parent’s rights.

For additional information on guardianship or adoption in Arkansas contact Nicki Nicolo
@ 501-353-0371 or email

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