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Law Offices of Nicki Nicolo
Criminal Defense and Family Law

Nicki Nicolo - Attorney                                                                     501-353-0371

I attended public schools in the greater Little Rock Area and am a Native Arkansan.
I attended law school at SMU in Dallas, Texas but decided to come back to this great
state to start my career.

Learning how to become a good attorney began in law school when I was given the
rare opporturnity to work as a student attorney for the SMU Criminal Defense Clinic.
I was able to defend individuals charged with DWI offenses, and acually be the lead
attorney on these cases. This was both a scary and exciting experience, but I learned
early on how to navigate and work my way around the courtoom. It was through this
experience that I knew I was born to be a litigator. I had found my calling in life.

I finished up law school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where I was given
yet another wonderful opportunity to clerk for the great, Samuel A. Perroni. The experience

to work for one the most gifted attorney's this state has ever produced was truly an
honor. Mr. Perroni and his partner, Shelly Hogan Koehler, played a critical role in my
development as an attorney. I was able to get an insiders' view of federal white collar
crime, and really learned how the law could be used to actually help my clients.

I later worked as an Associate Attorney for the Robertson Law Firm in the Little Rock
and Heber Springs area, focusing primarily on criminal defense and family law. It was here
that I was able to truly florish as an attorney in the courtoom and understand what it
meant to be the last great divider between the State and my client. I also became
interested in family law, and helping families navigate through the most difficult times of
their lives during a divorce or child custody matter.

I've also studied under Ralph Blagg, a fellow attorney and dear friend, who has been an 
invaluable learning resource. I decided to start my own firm in 2011, and am dedicated to
serving all the cititzens across the state. Ralph Blagg will be of counsel on my cases at
the Firm. Our goal is to provide aggressive and quality legal representation to our clients.

I have successfully litigated a range of cases, from misdemeanor cases to felony rape
/sex abuse cases. I also argued for the expungement of a negligent homicide conviction
and that success lead to a feature in the Deomocrat Gazette. Appearing before the
Arkansas Supreme Court with Shelly Koehler was an awesome experience.

I completed a DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Training Program,
and am now specially trained in the administration of Field Sobriety Testing.

Arkansas Bar Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law,
Dallas, Texas, 2009
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Bowen School of Law,
Little Rock, Arkansas 2008-2009, visiting student
Honors: Top Paper in Federal White Collar Crime
Honors: Top Paper in Critical Race Theory

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Arkansas, 2005  B.A.


        If you find yourself in need of an attorney call
        The Law Offices of Nicki Nicolo at 501-353-0371
        or email Nicki at

             All initial consultations are free.

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