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 Criminal Record Expungement in Arkansas  -  501-353-0371

Is a criminal conviction stopping you from getting your dream job?

Many people convicted of petty crimes some years ago are feeling the effects in
these tough economic times. Do you have a great resume and are otherwise
perfect for the job, but your criminal conviction is holding you back?

What is an expungement?

Expungement (sealing of a criminal record) means that the record is sealed,
sequestered, and treated as confidential.

How can an expungement help you?

You may state that no such conduct ever occurred and no such records exist!
Example: if your record is expunged, you dont have to disclose the conduct on
a job application.

Your civil rights and liberties are restored!

A person whose record has been expunged shall have all privileges and rights
restored and shall be completely
exonerated, and the expunged record shall not
affect his or her civil rights or liberties.

Many people want to know how to expunge a criminal record in Arkansas. It is
important to contact an attorney in Arkansas who is knowledgeable of Arkansas
law and the process for sealing a record.

Information about expungements

Expungements in Arkansas do not happen by operation of law; you or your attorney
must present an expungement order to the trial judge for entry.

If you proceeded to trial on a charge, you are not entitled to an expungement.

If you were charged with a criminal offense that was later nolle prossed or dismissed,
or you were acquitted at trial, you are eligible to have all arrest records and other
documents relating to the case expunged.

I successfully argued for an expungement of a negligent homicide conviction before
the Pulaski County Circuit Court, which was featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
in 2011. I credit my success to fully researching the law, and having a client who had
lived a crime free life since the incident.

For more information contact the Law Offices of Nicki Nicolo at 501-353-0371
or email 

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