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Many people charged with a sex crime are ashamed and embarrassed, and
do want to talk to anyone about the incident. If you or a close friend or a
relative is being accused of committing a sex crime, contact the law offices
today for immediate assistance.

I promise to listen to your story without any preconceived notions or
judgments. I have worked closely with people in similar situations and
have seen first hand what an accusation of this kind can do to a person
both mentally and physically.

It is important to have an attorney who has a good working relationship
with the prosecution. Your attorney needs to be respected among
prosecutors. Your attorney needs to be able to force the State to prove
their case, and not simply plea all of his/her clients because it's the easier
thing to do. There are times in which entering into a plea bargain may be
beneficial to my client, however many times there is a fight worth having
and I am ready for that fight.

icki Nicolo represents people accused of sexual offenses including:
Sexual Assault
Statutory Rape
Public Sexual Indecendy
Child Pornography

Pearls of Wisdom

If you have had consensual sexual relations with a person not your age, do
no assume that you can not be charged with a criminal offense. Under
Arkansas law, a Person may be charged with a criminal offense by having
sexual relations with a person younger than the statutory age. Thus, even
if it was not forced, you are not out of the woods. If you ever find yourself
in this situation, it is imperative you contact an attorney before the police
contact you.

I will work with you to formulate a winning legal defense to the charge. For,
if you have been charged with sexual assault, you may have an affirmative
defense of age, if the alledged victim presented themselves to be older.

Contact a criminal defense / sex crime attorney 
at the Law Offices of Nicki Nicolo
501-353-0371 or email

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